This was the very first synthesizer I ever owned. I paid £5 a week in the 1980's and eventually purchased the keyboard.

It's a digital keyboard but can produce some colourful and analogue-esque tones.Bass always cuts through a mix.

It's in good condition and sounds great.


The patch memories are kept alive by the 8XAA batteries. These are a bit of a pain and not a professional's a company called Artifacts which sell a really cool memory backup battery PCB which eliminates the need for bulky batteries. Fitting was relatively straight forward although one word of caution. The traces on this PCB lift like crazy. Use of a low powered iron recommended.

I also have the RA-3 RAM cartridge. It had a dead battery so I swapped it out for a fresh BR2016


I seem to have an issue with memory storage on this cartridge though. When I save a patch, say on memory 1, it is duplicated on memory 3!. If I save on memory 5 it's duplicated on memory 7

Like odds and evens. Weird. Managed to fix this, there was a break on one of the traces. I also replaced the audio out jack and power socket which were well dodgy.


I decided to fit a back light display. I bought an eBay special. I used the original wiring loom as I probably would not re-use the old display.

Below is a list of the original display spinout.

New display



It was too small, so had to fix with one screw and just mount the back plate. To be honest, I hate not fixing things back the way I found them, but it held really well.


After an adjustment of the contrast on the CZ1000 PCB, this is the end result.

In 2018 I got a CZ101 going cheap as the DC power connector was bad. An easy fix


now with nice new backlit display