A nice looking vintage 44 key, 3 VCO mono synth designed and built in the former Soviet Union

It looks very industrial. Some models have multicoloured slider knobs and some just red.

As a minimum, the power supply capacitors will need replacing

It has a raw characteristic sound which can be big. As with most old synths, this needed some TLC

Queen of the one finger chord hits

It has:Saw, Pulse and Square wavforms, plus a 4th oscillator only active in unison mode<. 24 dB/Octave Moog ladder filter, dual ADS envelopes and an LFO with triangle, square, saw and ramp waveforms

Dimensions: 310x350x920 Weight: 18kg (the factory case not included)

Tuning controls allow each oscillator to be tuned over on entire octave, so chords can be programmed. There is also a global tuning control, for tuning all of the oscillators at once (can be used as pitch bender). The Aelita's secret weapon is found here in the Tuning section: its Unison mode. When selected, this mode fires all Oscillators at once, at every octave, and the result is a tremendous bustling sound. There is also 'strings' button to introduce vibrato in classic 'string machine' style.