Below is a Picture of my Quad 303A (AM8/14) and AM1/53 Frequency splitting amps (bolted to the sides). These are used with LS3/7 loudspeakers.

Here is a data sheet on the system. They were designed for the BBC. I have had to repair the main amps by replacing capacitors.

I also had a faulty UA739 IC in one of the AM1 units, the socketed replacement can be seen below.

I also have a spare AM1 module ( the box on the side of the quads)

quad303 amps


Inside the AM1 frequency splitting amplifier


Below are my 2 cd104 cd players CIRA 1984. The top model is the earlier version and the bottom the later. These are great players.

Both have been serviced, RCA cables changed and new OPA op-amps fitted.


cd104 interanl


Re-coned Heybrook HB1

I also have MA20 monitor audio speakers plus LS 3/7 speaker, which pairs with the 303's

REL sub woofer


Below one of the 2 Quad 405 amplifiers. Each one has been bridged to mono.

Both have OPA op-amps, new smoothing/audio capacitors.


Quad mono bridge output PCB (model 410)



Quad 33 Preamp and 303 power amp


NAD3130 amplifier used as a pre-amp for the Quad405's

Nagra T reel to reel tape recorder and below, Tascam 133 casette recorder. The 133 needed a new belt fitted.




A closer look at the 133

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