programmr soft case



The JX-8P is a 6-voice, 12-DCO, programmable analog synthesizer with a touch-sensitive and pressure-sensitive 5-octave, 61-note (C-C) keyboard. It is a direct descendant of Roland's first non-knob-and-slider synth, the JX-3P. Each voice contains two DCOs, one VCF, and a single ADSR for the VCF and/or the VCA, which can be inverted.

Since it has only a few sliders and knobs, the PG-800 programmer facilitates quick editing and access to all editing parameters (it is also used with the MKS-70 and the JX-10). It also comes in a space age silver carry bag:)

Here's some musicians who have used them:- 808 State, Beatmasters, Biosphere, Coldcut, Steve Cunningham, Depeche Mode, Stock Aitken Waterman, Electribe 101, Simon Ellis, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Gas Chamber Orchestra, Go West, Roland Heard of Mr.Fingers, Human League

Program memory features 64 ROM slots and 32 user RAM slots. As with most Roland units the factory preset are quite good. A cartridge (MC-16C) accepts another 32 programs which may be accessed directly. M-64C can also be used but you will only be able to access 32 programs.

The unit has a 16 digit alpha numeric display that allows you to name your patches (up to 10 characters). An eight patch program chain is supported to recall patches during live performance. You may go forward or backward in the chain. The unit supports MIDI and features local on/off which should be mandatory on all keyboards.

I also have the pretty cool silver soft case for the programmer.