I bought my little Teisco synth in 1995 for £90. I believe it was manufactured in 1980, mine has some indication that part of the synth,(rubber bend wheel thingy?) were made by ARP, perhaps under licence. It's pretty basic but fun.

I must say I have had some fun with it due to it's very hands on approach to programming. It is basic but fun to use. Plenty of LED's to help show the signal path, however I feel that they might have been a selling point in 1980. Although it doesn't have the sonic 'sparkle' of the Juno106 it does have a certain raw quality, especially for lead and bass sounds. These sound great if treated with a little reverb/delay. I added a MIDI kit to it in 2013 which greatly expanded it's use.


  • Keyboard 32 Keys (F-C)
    Type 1 VCO, 1 VCF, 1 VCA, 2 x EG, 2 x Voice.
    VCO Range (Low, 64', 32', 16', 8', 4'.), Delay Vibrato,
    Mode (EG, Bender, LFO), Tune,
    PW/PWM(EG. Manual. LFO/Triangular).
    Mixer VCO (External in, saw, square), Noise.
    LFO Frequency (0.1 Hz - 20 Hz),
    Wave Shape(3 modes: periodically, varied continuously),
    S/H, Triangular, Square.
    VCF Cut-Off (16HZ - 20 KHz), Resonance, KCV, LFO Mod, EG.
    VCA Hold, EG.
    EG Attack Time, Decay Time, Sustain Level, Release Time.
    HPF Cut-Off (16Hz - 16 KHz).
    Effect Controls Portamento, Pitch Bend (UP, Down), Pitch Bend Sensitivity.
    Input KCV In (1V / 1 oct), Gate In (On over 1V), External In.
    Output Signal Out (High, Low), Headphone.
    Indicator LED's Power, Signal Way.
    Power cons. 7 W.
    Dimensions 560 x 370 x 100 (WxDxH in m/m).
    Weight 8 Kg